Buy Silk Primax from Dhiya Hearing Care Center.

One of the world’s smallest hearing aids, the new Silk™ sits invisibly in the ear for complete discretion. Super soft and super comfortable, it fits immediately without the need for a specially tailored housing.

Despite its amazing size, Silk delivers an outstanding hearing experience that’s clinically proven to reduce listening effort.

The new CROS Silk Nx is compatible with the following hearing devices: – Silk Nx – Insio Nx
Definitely yes. Our new CROS Silk is the smallest solution in its class.
Many hearing aid users do not like the sound of their own voice as it sounds loud and unnatural. Our revolutionary OVP (Own Voice Processing) function provides you with a natural sounding own voice combined with optimal hearing of all other sounds for the most pleasant, natural listening experience.
Yes. We offer a direct and very convenient remote control of your CROS Silk device via our touchControl App, which is freely downloadable onto your smartphone.